For Brands & Business

  • Subscriptions

    If you are looking to add some life to your business or workplace, we can help. We have a weekly flower service that provides floral decor of all shapes and sizes. From offices and meeting rooms to restaurants and even washrooms, no space is too large or too small for flowers.

  • Business Accounts

    Create an account for easy ordering when you need to send flowers to clients, employees, or for the office

  • Brands & Creative

    Through craft and expressive design, we redefine the traditional view of floral design. Using unique varieties of blooms and foliage as our medium, our designers employ minimalist techniques and an eye for the artistic elements such as colour, line, form and shape. Designs leaving the our studio will be conversation pieces.

  • Corporate Events

    Whether for a company anniversary or large corporate event, our arrangements will bring nature inside through our distinct, signature style.

  • Private Events

    A custom workshop for you and your team.

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