The Moira Rose

The Moira Rose

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Moira Rose loves expressing herself. Everyday is a performance for this mom. She is bold and some would say, a bit dramatic. While she may be theatrical, she is still the matriarch of the family, and this is the role she loves playing best. If you have a mom like Moira she has helped you find the zest in life, reminded you to put your own flare on everything you do, and in the moments you need her most, held you with love and tenderness.

This arrangement has a dramatic flare, with white, black, and mauve tones. It screams Moira Rose. Expect flowers like: anemones, black palm fan, touches of quicksand and nude carnation. The bouquet will be delivered in a matte black cercle/devil pot, the perfect statement piece for your bold mom.

3% of the sale of this item goes to help provide high quality arts education to children in under-resourced communities through May Flowers' partnership with VIBE Arts. Read more about that here!

We create all our arrangements with the finest seasonal blooms and foliage so each one is unique. The arrangement shown is an example of size, colour, and style. Your arrangement will be custom made for you and will not be a copy of the photo shown. While we welcome design requests, we cannot guarantee specific materials.

The finer details:
  • Pictured in 'Standard' - Mini and XL size may come with different vases but the general look will remain the same
  • Mini dimensions are approximately 7" x 10"
  • Standard dimensions are approximately 10" x 12"
  • XL dimensions are approximately 12" x 14"