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8" Nepenthes (Pitcher Plant)

8" Nepenthes (Pitcher Plant)

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This plant will definitely be a conversation piece in your home! The pitcher plant’s unusual shape and carnivorous habit are the result of nutrient deficiencies in their native soil. The regions where they grow are nitrogen deprived so the plant catches insects to harvest their nitrogen. 

In grower's pot.

Plant Care Instructions

Scientific Name: Nepenthes

Water: Every 2-5 days making sure the soil is always moist

Light: Part sun, part shade (bright, indirect light)

Humidity: This plant needs high humidity, mist twice per week to increase humidity

Clean: No need to clean this plant

Lifecycle: Perennial (lives for more than two years)

Repot: Every year

Toxicity: Might be toxic (we're not sure)

Other: Sensitive to draft

NOTE: At May Flowers, we use the app Planta for house plant care instructions and they have been wonderful for us! However, every home and environment is different and we encourage everyone to do their own research when buying plants. 

Planta is a plant-care app which helps you look after all your houseplants. By following their care schedules, you'll never kill another plant! We are not paid by Planta, we just love them!