Sympathy & Funeral Flowers

Sympathy & Funeral Flowers: Guide & FAQ

Our approach to funeral and sympathy flowers is driven by our first hand experience that flowers can have a positive impact on people’s lives and remain one of the most beautiful ways to express condolence when words cannot.

Choosing flowers for a funeral after someone passes away isn’t easy and many people struggle when deciding what to send. This quick guide is meant to help you, however, we truly believe that there is no "right" or "wrong" and in most cases, the family will appreciate your thoughtfulness and willingness to go our of your way to show you are thinking of them.

Flowers for the Ceremonies, Visitations, and Funeral Services

If you're looking to send flowers to a ceremony or funeral service, we recommend your budget begin around $150-$200 and go up from there based on the size and style of the arrangement.

Baskets, standing sprays, and wreaths make great pieces because they are large and stand out in a room full other floral pieces and people. Plant arrangements and orchids also make great pieces that can be taken home by the family after the funeral and enjoyed for much longer.

If you're a distant friend or colleague, or simply have a smaller budget, vase arrangements can also be nice gestures that can be taken home after the service.  However, please be aware that these pieces can get lost in a large room and are sometimes set at guest book tables or as accent pieces off to the side.

Sympathy Flowers to a Residence

Sympathy arrangements are typically sent to someone's residence as a gesture of love, comfort, thoughts, prayers, etc. This is typically a vase arrangement but can also be a plant arrangement or orchid. Baskets can also be sent to a residence for a larger statement.

We believe that most anything will be appreciated but recommend spending a minimum of $125 on a vase arrangement as some people might be still mourning and not want to find a vase for a hand-tied bouquet.

Types of Arrangements

Funeral Baskets are appropriate for delivery to the funeral home, mortuary or church. These beautiful floral arrangements are displayed in decorative baskets or containers and make a lovely presentation. These arrangements can also be sent to the residence, but typically are sent to the funeral home, mortuary or church. 

Green and Blooming Plants are appropriate for delivery to the funeral home, mortuary, church, residence or place of business. These beautiful plants are displayed in a pretty pot or in a decorative basket and are appropriate to send to any location. 

Sympathy Sprays, Wreaths, and Specialty Arrangements such as hearts, crosses, etc are appropriate for delivery to the funeral home, mortuary or church. These beautiful arrangements are displayed on a standing easel and make a spectacular presentation. 

Vase Arrangements are appropriate for delivery to the residence, or a place of business of a friend or family member who has lost a loved one. Arranged in a beautiful vase, these arrangements are a tasteful way to offer your condolences.

Casket Sprays are flowers that adorn a casket. This arrangement is typically reserved for the closest family members to arrange for.