Sympathy & Funeral Flowers Guide

How to Send Funeral & Sympathy Flowers

Sending flowers is a thoughtful way to show love and compassion when someone has passed. If you haven’t done so before, choosing sympathy or funeral flowers isn't easy and many people struggle when deciding what to send.

To help you out, we’ve created this quick guide to help you, however, we truly believe that there is no "right" or "wrong" and in most cases, the family will appreciate your thoughtfulness and willingness to go out of your way to show you are thinking of them.


Sending Flowers to Ceremonies, Visitations, and Funeral Services

Flowers can be delivered to a memorial service, viewing, funeral service, graveside location, or the family’s home. These types of arrangements tend to be larger in size and scale. If you're looking to send flowers to a ceremony or funeral service, we recommend your budget begin around $150-$200 and go up from there based on the size and style of the arrangement.

Baskets, standing sprays, and wreaths make great pieces because they are large and stand out in a room full of other floral pieces and people. Plant arrangements and orchids also make great pieces that can be taken home by the family after the funeral and enjoyed for much longer.

If you're a distant friend or colleague, or simply have a smaller budget, vase arrangements can also be nice gestures that can be taken home after the service.  However, please be aware that these pieces can get lost in a large room and are sometimes set at guest book tables or as accent pieces off to the side.

Sending Sympathy Flowers

Sympathy arrangements are typically sent to someone's residence as a gesture of love, comfort, thoughts, prayers, etc. This is typically a vase arrangement but can also be a plant arrangement or orchid. Baskets can also be sent to a residence for a larger statement.

We believe that most anything will be appreciated but recommend spending a minimum of $100 on a vase arrangement as some people might be still mourning and not want to find a vase for a hand-tied bouquet.

Casket Sprays & Sets

Ordering the casket spray and set pieces are done by the closest family members. Due to the personal nature of these pieces, please call us and speak to our designers to place your order. We can customize casket sprays to reflect one’s personality.

We recommend trying to order casket flowers as far in advance of the funeral as you can to ensure enough lead time and delivery.

Other Considerations

How much should I spend?

The larger arrangements for visitations and ceremonies typically start around $150. Smaller arrangements may get lost in a room full of large floral pieces and people. That being said, we believe the sentiment is what is most important and any size arrangement will be most appreciated by the family

What type of arrangement should I send?

More common arrangements are stand-alone pieces such as baskets, wreaths and standing sprays. These pieces will make their way directly to the memorial service or funeral home. The subtler, more personal, arrangements can be placed in a vase or small basket. These are great for the family to bring home and reminiscence.

Bouquets would be the least appropriate because they would need to be arranged into water and you want to be considerate of those who might be in mourning. 

Is it ever too late to send flowers?

Not at all! In some cases, people don’t find out about the passing or the funeral date until it’s already passed. Sending flowers after this period of time often reminds the family of the departed,“We’re still thinking of you.”

What should I write on the card?

Writing a message to someone who's just lost a loved one can be hard. We often get asked for help so we've put together some advice on writing your sympathy message:

- Give yourself about 10 minutes to reflect on what you want to say and don't rush your message

- Read your message out loud before you finalize it

- Acknowledge the loss

- Let the person know you're there for them

- Share a memory, if you don't have one, share a moment of appreciation

- Offers support and let them know you're available if needed

Are there certain types of flowers that are not appropriate to send?

Every flower, when tastefully arranged, is appropriate for expressing condolences. A funeral service is about gaining closure following death but it’s also about celebrating a person’s life and honouring their place in this world. Selecting colourful and vibrant flowers are appropriate to showcase their spirit and can add a cheerful note to an otherwise somber occasion.

The obituary says, “In lieu of flowers,” -- can I still send flowers?

Sometimes the family asks for a charitable donation "in lieu of flowers" and if you've already made the contributions, you can also send flowers. Your donation will honor the family's wishes while the flowers will be appreciated as it can add beauty and life to an otherwise somber event.

If you have any more questions or still need some clarification, feel free to give us a call and speak with one of our florists OR send us an email in the form below. We will gladly assist you with your order.

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