5 Mother’s Day Flower Arrangements Styled after Iconic TV Moms

This year we wanted to do something a little different for Mother’s Day. Instead of the usual pink, white, lavender Mother’s Day palette, we’ve created 5 arrangements based off 5 of the most iconic TV moms. We had so much fun creating these samples and can’t wait to see what all of you order for your moms!

As always, ordering early is encouraged. 3% of all online sales is donated to VIBE Arts to provide quality arts education to underpriveleged youth.

Which one of these iconic moms is your mom?

The Mother of Dragons - Fierce & Strong 

The Mother of Dragons is fiercely protective, unafraid to stand up for what she believes in, and has total faith in her kids and their vision. She does not stand for wrongdoing or oppression and will fight back to protect the underdog. She is driven from a place of fierce love, freedom, and justice. If your mom is like Daenerys, you know she will always have your back and teach you how to do the same for those you love. She may spit fire when she’s angry, but her heart is full of love in everything she does.

This fiery arrangement is a collection of bold reds, hot pinks and deep purple; this arrangement is full of heart and styled in a metallic gold compote.

The Moira Rose - Bold & Dramatic 

Moira Rose loves expressing herself. Everyday is a performance for this mom. She is bold and some would say, a bit dramatic. While she may be theatrical, she is still the matriarch of the family, and this is the role she loves playing best. If you have a mom like Moira she has helped you find the zest in life, reminded you to put your own flare on everything you do, and in the moments you need her most, held you with love and tenderness.

This arrangement has a dramatic flare, with white, black, and mauve tones. It screams Moira Rose. Expect flowers like: anemones, black palm fan, touches of quicksand and nude carnation. The bouquet will be delivered in a matte black cercle/devil pot, the perfect statement piece for your bold mom.

The Mama Ru - Fun & Flirty

Mama Ru is the mother of all mothers, the queen of all queens, and she lets the spotlight shine on her. She loves to flirt and tease, and sometimes you might shake your head in embarrassment when your friends say she’s a knockout. But don’t be mistaken, if anyone ever tries to mess with you, she will in fact, knock them out. She inspires you to be your most authentic self every day, because why would you want to be anyone else?

This arrangement is fun and flirty just like Mama Ru. It’s full of bright colors and bold tones. If your mom loves hot pink, orange, gold and yellow this bouquet has her name on it. 

The Kris Jenner - Classy & Luxe

The forever classic, OG reality TV Mom....Kris Jenner crosses every T and dots every I, she never misses a detail, and is always available for mom-duty. She manages her family seamlessly, no matter how chaotic life gets. This is a mom who lives her life for her family, but somehow she is always poised, polished and plush. She is your biggest cheerleader at all your events, just under a luscious white cashmere throw.

If your mom is classy like Kris, show her some love with a bouquet full of whites and soft blush tones. Expect flowers like: dusty pink and white roses blush ranunculus, white ruscus, and white bunny tail and styled in a sleek white vase, perfect for a luxe mom.

The Lorelai Gilmore - Cool & Independent

Is your mom your best friend? Can you laugh for hours with her? Drink endless cups of coffee with her? Eat all the fries with her? She sounds like a Lorelai Gilmore kind of mom. If you have a mom like Lorelai, you love her quirk, spirit, perseverance, and if she did it on her own like Lorelai, her independence. She is always there, arms open, no matter what you need, and boy do you love her.

If you’re a diehard Gilmore Girls fan you’ll remember the bright yet rustic style of the Dragonfly Inn. And since The Dragonfly is Lorelai’s second baby, we’ve modeled this bouquet after the farmhouse style of the inn. Expect an arrangement full of yellows (can’t forget Lorelai’s love of yellow daisies), and whites, with pops of lavender, light green and pink.

So whether your mom is fierce and strong like Daenerys, cool and independent like Lorelai, or anywhere in between, grab the arrangement that best represents your mom this Mother’s day. These unique flowers will no doubt put a smile on your Mom’s face! Limited quantities will be available for each arrangement.

Please pre-order to avoid any disappointment!